Friday, January 6, 2012

The 100 Book Challange and Sisters Red

This year I'm going to read 100 books. I considered doing only 50, but go big or go home, right? This will consist mainly of new book I've never read, but I do have a few books I want to reread. They're a part of a series, so to make it even I'll probably just count the series as one book because they are short. It's been forever since I've read them, so that's really the only reason I'm allowing them. Also Graphic Novels are allowed (again, if they are a series I'll just count it as one book).

Of course I'll also be reviewing all the books on this site. It's probably the only way I'd be able to properly keep track of all the books.

So lets cover what I have read already.

Sisters Red  by Jackson Pearce

This is basically the story of Little Red Riding Hood, just revamped. Jackson Pearce has started a series where she revamps classic fairy tales - Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Little Mermaid. These aren't just like modernized stories. Instead she takes the classics we all know and love, and twists the story into her own creation.

When they were young, Scarlett and Rosie March were attacked by a Fenrir, or a werewolf, leaving Scarlett horribly disfigured and their grandmother dead. Now they've taken it upon themselves to hunt down and kill as many Fenrir's as possible to try and make the world a little bit safer. Well, more accurately Scarlett has taken it upon herself, Rosie follows along but shows much more interest in their childhood friend Silas. When they notice an influx of Fenrir in the area, they find out they are all looking for a new Potential Fenrir (a rare event) and decide to try and find the Potential before the Fenrirs do. It's a deadly race they're not entirely sure they can win.

I really enjoyed this book, but some parts felt obviously like a teen book. Scarlett gets a little angsty and Silas feels rather empty as the main love interest. But on the other hand, it also gets so much right. The Fenrir's are an interesting concept that Jackson Pearce doesn't feel obligated to explain every little thing about - which I love. It keeps some of the mystery alive. I loved Rosie's commitment to her sister, even if it was sometimes misplaced. Scarlett is very determined, not wanting to allow other girls to die when she has the ability to prevent it which I find very admirable. Despite the weird looks she gets because of her appearance, she still wants to help the world. I'm  excited to read the next book, Sweetly. Unfortunately I left that as school, so it'll just have to wait.

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