Monday, January 30, 2012

Like Crazy

Like Crazy is about Anna, a British college student studying abroad in America. While there she meets Jacob and they both fall hard for each other, quickly turning into a very serious relationship. In a moment of ill thought out stupidity, Anna decides to stay with Jacob over the summer instead of going home to satisfy her visa requirements and just goes home for a week instead. When she tries to return, they tell her she isn't allowed in the country and is forced back in Britain. The story follows both Jacob and Anna as they try to keep their relationship despite the giant ocean between them.

This movie wasn't a chick flick, it was just a movie about a relationship which I appreciated that they didn't feel the need to fluff everything up. In fact I loved the entire movie right up to the ending that left me feeling a bit.. unsure. Everything in the movie felt so real and heartfelt, so maybe my problem with the ending was that it was a tad to realistic. I was very invested in the characters and I wanted a bit more of a concrete ending. It didn't need to be a happy ending, just a more set ending.

Overall I'd suggest this movie. It definitely has an Indie feel to it and I always appreciate a realistic feel to a movie. Also Anna's mom is played by River Song from Doctor Who, if you're into that kinda thing.

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