Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crazy Stupid Love

I only watched this movie because my roommate heavily suggested it, but I was still hesitant. Chick Flicks aren't really my thing, and despite how much I enjoy Emma Stone I didn't have high hopes for this movie.

When Cal's wife asks for a divorce, his life gets turned upside-down. In a fit of depression and uncertainty, Cal wandered into a bar which a professional ladies man decides to take him up under his wing, Jacob. Jacob takes pity on Cal, giving his life a much needed make-over with the desire to win back his wife.

At first I wasn't into this movie. It wasn't particularly funny nor was it very romantic for being a romantic comedy. None of the characters seemed very interesting or dimensional to me and it just seemed so not interesting. And then there was this point in the movie, maybe about halfway thought, when it just suddenly stepped up its game. The romance of the moment swept me away, giving me an 'Aw' moment that I rarely get from movies. Overall the movie wasn't bad. It was a fun watch which is usually all I require out of romantic comedies. However that one moment of romance made the movie worth watching more me. 

Also I'd like to note that I have no idea why everyone is obsessed with Ryan Gosling. Sure he's handsome in that classic Hollywood sorta way, but I wouldn't say he's significantly more handsome than any of the other actors. It just seems like the Gosling Fever came out of no where with no particularly good reason for it. If anyone can explain it to me, I'd appreciate it.

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