Monday, October 3, 2011

Day Eighteen: Wristcutters: A Love Story

Day Eighteen: A movie that you wish more people would’ve seen
No, this isn't a movie making light of suicide. If anything this is the opposite, an anti-suicide movie. I forget when I first watched it, but it's definitely one of my favorite movies. Has some romance, comedy, life lessons, heartfelt scenes, Tom Waits. What's not to love? (I did mention of the Tom Waits part right?)

Wristcutters follows a guy, Zia, right after he kills himself (by cutting his wrists, see where the title is from? Get it?) The movie suggests the idea that after you kill yourself, you wake up in this alternate world consisting only of other people who have killed themselves where everything is slightly.. worse. All the walls are more grey, the jobs slightly more sucky, the people more depressing since everyone there has found some reason in the past to kill themselves. However everyone in the world is afraid to kill themselves again, worried they'd end up in a world even worse than that one - so instead they just go about living. Zia killed himself because his girlfriend Desiree broke up with him, but while in this alternate world he gets wind that Desiree killed herself shortly after him. Now Zia goes on a quest to find his ex-girlfriend to reunite with her along with his two new friends Mikal, who is looking for the People in Charge with the belief she was put in this world by mistake, and Eugene.

I seriously love this movie. It's so beautifully crafted, doesn't hit you over the head with its life lessons and moves at a good pace. It can be so heart warming one second, then laugh out loud the next. And the soundtrack for the movie? Excellent. Gogol Bordello did most, if not all, of the music. If you haven't heard of Gogol Bordello yet, you probably should. They are a Ukraine gypsy punk rock band, who I dig real hard. I could listen to their song Start Wearing Purple all day long. And I have too.

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