Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day Twenty: Fright Night with David Tennant

Day Twenty: Favorite movie from your favorite actor/actress
To be honest, my main reasoning for seeing this movie was because of David Tennant. I never saw the original and probably never would have even heard of it if it wasn't for the David Tennant-ness of this movie. Don't get me wrong, I love vampires, I'm a huge Interview With A Vampire fan. Also the fact that Colin Farrell was going to be the vampire and Anton Yelchin was the main guy were big pluses. It's just that David Tennant was the huge selling point for this movie.

Fright Night follows Charley after he fulfilled every teenagers high school dream of becoming popular and getting a hot girlfriend. So he does what every newly formed popular kid tries to do - distance himself from his old friends. However that become extremely harder to do when his super nerd ex-friend comes to him saying that their Third Musketeer got eaten by a vampire, who also happens to be his neighbor Jerry. At first, Charley doesn't believe it, but when he's provided with undeniable proof he understandably freaks out. Now he takes it upon himself to kill Jerry the Vampire.

This movie is a killing fest, which I love. You actually care about the main characters and the movie definitely doesn't beat around the bush about getting to the vampire part. David Tennant isn't in a whole lot of this movie, but when he does have screen time he definitely steals every scene. This is actually the second David Tennant movie I have put on this list. The first being Casanova, where he of course played Casanova. There is just something about David Tennant that draws me in, not matter what he's in.

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