Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day Seventeen: X-Men Orgins: Wolverine

Day Seventeen: A movie that disappointed you the most
I'm a huge X-Men fan. The main reason I love Marvel more than DC is because Marvel has the X-Men. I absolutely loved the first two movies, as in a periodically re-watch them, and the third one was.. okay. Not great by any means, but not Spiderman 3 bad. To be honest I didn't have very high hopes for it - something about third movies just always seems to go bad (see: Spiderman 3, Shriek 3, ect.). Well for Wolverine I was unbelievably excited for it. Wolverine is just an interesting character that I'm sure it'd make a kick-ass movie. Then I heard Gambit was going to be in it - and I. love. Gambit. Easily my favorite character ever and the fact that they were going to put him in the movies satisfied every excited particle of my being.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine set up out Logan's early life. How he grew up, first found out about his mutant powers, who he made friends with, eventually leading up to the amnesia ridden mutant we knew in the X-Men movies. Along the way there was Sabertooth, Deadpool, a young Cyclops, Gambit, The Blob, William Stryker. The whole gang. It was suppose to be so wonderful.

Well it wasn't. It wasn't even kinda wonderful. The CGI for Wolverines claws was strangely terrible even though it was great in the X-Men movies, a lot of the acting wasn't too great at times, and it was like they didn't even read the characters back stories. Logans' was generally right, but Deadpool and Gambits? So wrong. It's like they took the wonderful character Gambit was and watered him down until he was a boring blob of nothing. And Deadpool? Definitely one of the best characters was destroyed. The Deadpool everyone knew and loved was a psychotic mercenary who was incapable of dying because of a healing mutation who occasionally broke the 4th wall  and talked directly to the reader. Well Ryan Reynolds did great as early Deadpool, before all that stuff set into place. Then they turned him into Weapon X and destroyed him, he no longer had the flamboyant and enthusiastic personality where he'd sometimes shoot himself in the head just because he knew he couldn't die. It was just.. sad. The movie ended and I just sat in the theater, surrounded by a bubble of disappointment and crushed childhood.

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