Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day Twenty-Two: This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite documentary
If you haven't noticed, I'm a big movie fan. So when I was presented with a documentary ABOUT movies, well, I got all up on that.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated is about how the movies system gives movies its rating. It talks about how the MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America) is corrupted. How easy it is to pay off the board members to sway its rating higher - usually forcing the movie maker to change their movie around for contract reasons. The big thing they talk about is the boarder between getting an R rating and getting a NC-17 rating. Specifically the fact that it's an extremely biased process relying on the boards personal feels opposed to any per-determined guidelines.

This documentary made me extra watchful of R rated movies, seeing just what they allowed and what they didn't. I'm definitely still all up in the movie love, but I'm a little more watchful - willing to look past just what the MPAA says is appropriate and what isn't. This documentary is definitely for anyone who doesn't just love movies, but is also sorta curious about the process of getting a movie onto the big screen - for which getting it rated can be the biggest speed bump.

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