Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day Twenty-Five: Hamlet 2

Day Twenty-Five: The most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen
This was another hard category to fill. mostly because it's not very often a movie gets me doubled over in laughter. The movies I do tend to find funny are more witty word play opposed to actual hilarity. Since Hamlet 2 was the first actual comedy I could think of, I decided to just go with that.

Hamelt 2 follows Dana Marschz who is a failed actor that then decided to teach Theater at a school to a total of 2 student. Between the 3 of them they produce downright terrible plays, then to top it off everything in Dana's life just generally sucks. One day when he goes into Theater class to find it packed full of students - apparently their usual easy A classes were cut, leaving them only with Theater.  When Dana is told Theater was being cut at the end of the year, Dana decides to put together one huge play to try and save it. He stays up all night trying to come up with a play for them to do, his finished product turning out to be extremely controversial in their town - Hamlet 2. A sequel to Hamlet. You know, the Shakespeare play where everyone dies at the end.

My problem with most comedies is that I hate poop jokes. It's just not my cup of tea. I consider 'hilarious' when you can't breath because you're laughing too hard - and you just don't really get that from witty word play. Hamlet 2 is one of the few movies that gets me to that 'hilarious' state, which is definitely saying something.

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