Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Twenty-Three: Finding Nemo

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Animation
Let's just say I'm all over the Pixar. Except for Cars, I've loved every Pixar movie I've seen. But at the top of that list is definitely Finding Nemo. It makes me laugh so hard at times, then is able to do a complete 180 and make me borderline crying. I can't count the number of time my family has sat down together to watch this movie, it might just be all of our favorites.

Finding Nemo follows overly cautious Marlin as he searches for his son Nemo who got taken by the humans. Along the way he meets Dori, a fish with short term memory loss who believes she can talk to whales, Bruce, a vegetarian shark, and Crush, a radical sea turtle. This is a story of love, the willingness to do anything for someone and the desire to keep going - even when it seems impossible.

This movie has so much heart in it. The characters get so much depth to much that you start to feel like you really know Marlin, Dori and Nemo. I could honestly sit down and watch this movie over and over and over again without getting tired of it - I love it that much. This is one of the few movies where I've actually laughed so hard that I couldn't breath, as well as one of the few movies that I started getting all teary eyed for. Maybe I'll watch this movie again this week.

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