Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day Twenty-One: Rambo

Day Twenty-One: Favorite action movie
I was going to put Rambo:First Blood in this spot, but I'm not sure if that is Action-y enough. It's more stealthy and emotional. Whereas the new one is just murdering a whole bunch of people.

Rambo is now in Burma, trying to make a living on his own terms and away from the United States. Some Peace Corps type group seeks out Rambos' boss boating skills to take them up to Burmese refugee camp. Somehow they convince Rambo to take them despite his multiple warnings that it was super dangerous. Long story short, Rambo was right and had to kill a whole bunch of people. Like all the people.

This movie definitely doesn't have the heart and emotion behind Rambo: First Blood, but it's still a whole lot of fun. Unlike in the first movie where Rambo utilizes Vietnamese techniques to individually hunt down everyone. However in this one, he at one point hops onto a Gatling Gun and just kills everyone. This is also one of the few movies where if someone asks me what happens in it, my answer is 'Everyone Dies'. So that's pretty cool.

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