Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day Nineteen: X-Men 2

Day Nineteen: Favorite movie based on a comic
Remember when I said I love the X-Men? Well I guess it's no real surprise then that it's my favorite movie based on a comic book. Briefly I debated putting Spiderman 2 or Thor in this spot, but then I decided I love this movie way too much to bump it. Who cares if I already did a movie review based on the X-men universe, I'm doing it again. So there.

In the first movie we mostly followed and were introduced to Rouge and Wolverine. This time around Wolverine is in the center of the plot. Someone has been controlling mutants and making them perform 'Mutant Freedom' acts that greatly in-dangers multiple high up humans. Of course the X-Men aren't to pleased about that. Quickly it becomes apparent that Wolverines' quest to find out about his past and the X-Men's quest to find the guy behind the attacks are connected.

The characters were done so well in this movie and it had wonderful scenes with them. Even though Magneto was arrested at the end of the first movie, he still shows up in this one through visits from Xavier. They do an excellent job of showing the old friendship between Xavier and Magneto - even though they are on different sides, they still don't completely hate each other.

We also get to see some teenage mutants. I'm sure it would be incredibly difficult being a teenage mutant at that time. It's already hard being a teenager, having to deal with school, making friends, general drama and such. Now add in that you have powers, and if you go to Xaviers School then all your friends also have different powers that none of you can completely control yet. All around you is the beginning whispers of a war brewing. People are picketing mutants, governments are trying to find ways to control and restrict mutants, and there are even other mutants that are making trouble with the humans as well as Xavier's school. Personally I'd feel so.. caught up in everything. There would be so much anger, hate, and violence everywhere. Being a teenager is hard enough, a mutant teenager even harder, but a mutant teenager growing up during war times? Even worse.

I find it fascinating to think about. Obviously.

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