Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Eight: Lord of the Ring

Day Eight: A movie that you’ve seen countless times

I love Lord of the Rings. Also yes, I'm counting the trilogy as all one movie Because I love all of them. I've watched the movies countless times, read the books so many time they fell apart. I have the graphic novel for The Hobbit (speaking of. SO excited for The Hobbit movie coming up) and I have a map of Middle Earth on my wall. 

See? There. I'm awfully proud of it. So you may have figured out that I’m pretty into the whole Middle Earth. Frodo traveling to Mordor to try and destroy the One Ring? The Fellowship of the Ring at his side to lead him along the way, Gandalf the White, Aragon the Ranger, Gimli the Dwarf, Legolas the Woodland Elf, Samwise the Brave, Pippin and Merry, Boromir the generally stupid but not all together bad guy. Good ol' Gollum popping up every now and then to be creepy. I can't get enough of it. Fun Fact: my favorite of the three movies? The Two Towers. Most likely because I'm all about the Ents.

Seriously. I want one.


  1. Wooo! LOTR is AWESOME!!! I've read the books so many times, and I have the extended edition of the movies!

  2. I've read the books so much that the binding fell apart and I needed to tape it back together. Love it so much.