Friday, September 30, 2011

Day Fifteen: Belle from Beauty and the Best

Day Fifteen: A character who you can relate to the most

This one was really hard for me to decide on. Not because I couldn't narrow it down but every answer I seemed to come up with was lame. Me and my sister discussed it for days, jumping from main characters to vague side characters before finally deciding on someone - Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Not in the 'my boyfriend is overly furry with a tendency to growl' kinda way, but instead in the 'I read books like my life depends on it and occasionally bursts out into song' sorta way. I have a huge affinity for books and my room is well on its way to become a library by itself. And the singing? Well I don't have the voice of Belle, but I do spend a lot of singing. Probably more than I should for someone who.. well can't sing.

 Side note: people in librarys' don't appreciate it when you do this.

 My sister insisted that I mention the person she was voting for that I 'relate to the most'. That person being Justin Finch-Fletchley from Harry Potter.
 Her theory was that I tend to melt into the background, no one really realizing I'm there till you're actually talking to me. I quick to start to hate people if they do something, not always caring about the truth since I have no real interest in actually making new friends. I keep to myself and I tend to get forgotten easily but me and my friends are close. Also I would probably be in Hufflepuff (even though I like Ravenclaw more, although that has nothing to do with Justin Finch-Fletchley. Just thought you'd like to know my preference).

I like Belle more, although my sister's theory was a lot more thought out than 'Belle like books and I like books so we're the same'.

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  1. I definitely relate to belle, I love books :)