Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day Ten: Young Frankenstien

Day Ten: Favorite classic movie

I seriously love this movie, I can never get enough of Gene Wilder. The movie is funny, heartfelt, crazy. The one liners in this movie are just phenomenal. When the original Dr. Frankenstien dies, he leaves his castle to his neurosurgeon of a grandson. His grandson then moves to Transylvania into the castle and initially views his grandfathers research and experiments as utter rubbish. After going through his books, he finds that maybe creating life was possible after all, and goes about to make his own monster.
What makes a movie a 'classic' movie? Does that mean old? Or does that mean something that will withstand time and stay popular? I wasn't really what sure what movie to chose for this, it took a good amount of consideration and jumping back and forth before I finally chose Young Frankenstein. I'm still not positive that counts as a classic movie, but I googled lists of popular classic movies and that was on it's list. So there.

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