Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Fourteen: Baghead

Day Fourteen: A movie that no one would expect you to love

Remember when I said I hate horror movies? Well not hate so much as incapable of processing, which then makes me unable to enjoy then on any level. I saw the trailer for Baghead, and it made it out to be a sort of.. comedy making fun of horror movies. Liars. Yet somehow, I actually kinda enjoyed it.

Baghead is about 4 actors desperately trying to make it big without much success. Their solution is to go to a cabin in the woods with a pact to not leave till they write a screenplay. Well, of course it's not that easy to write a screenplay and they start to cling to any remotely good idea. That remotely good idea being a group of kids in a cabin that slowly begin getting picked off by a guy with a bag on his head. As they are writing and filming it, off camera a guy with a bag over his head shows up to different members of the group on their own - each assuming it was someone else playing joke. Then they find out it isn't, and that it's really some guy in the woods starting to pick off their group.

Part of the movie was comedyish. The other part had some guy that you would sometimes see in between the trees and sometimes in the windows. It had me looking over my shoulder whenever I was in the woods. I can't explain why I even remotely liked this horror movie and can't stand others. So far my theory was that it had just enough comedy to put me at ease with the bonus of having a definite ending opposed to the open endings other horror movies seem so fond of. Anyways, long story short: hey look, I found a horror movie I actually kinda sorta like.

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