Monday, September 26, 2011

Day Eleven: Stranger Than Fiction

Day Eleven: A movie that changed your opinion about something

I hate Will Ferrell. Well, I did. But then I watched this movie and everything changed. I dunno what it was about him that just set me off. I definitely didn't like the humor in most of his movies - was just not something that tickled my funny bone - and really didn't like his.. persona he seemed to create in interviews with people. Basically I wasn't big on the Ferrell. However this movie changed everything. I still don't like most of the humor in his movies or his characters in his movies, but it's okay. I'll always have this movie to fall back on, so everything will be okay.

Will Ferrell plays an IRS auditor who is pretty OCD and does stuff like brushing his teeth the same exact way each time, for the same number of time. Then one day he wakes up to continue his normal routine to find everything he does narrated. At first he's suspicious, thinking he might even be crazy, but harmless none the less. He starts to actually get worried when the narrator says he's going to die, causing him to seek outside help. This narrator changes everything in his life in Will Ferrell's desire to now live life to the fullest, desiring everything he never had because of some innate fear.
I've never seen Will Ferrell in a serious role before, and this movie was a refreshing change of pace - as an extra bonus the movie was extremely emotional. On the Will Ferrell note, I was equally pleased with his role in The Other Guys. It's probably the first Will Ferrell role that actually made me laugh.

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