Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Thirteen: Bring It On Again

Day Thirteen: A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Don't scoff at me, I know what I'm talking about.  I'll watch this movie if I'm feeling too stressed out and I need to just not think for a while - sometimes you just need a movie that isn't mentally stimulating. And yes, I know I put the sequel here instead of the first one. In my opinion, the second one is better then the first. Crazy right?

It's Whittier's (What a stupid name) first year of college, and the thing she's most excited for is joining the cheerleading squad. When she try's out for it, she's not only welcomed onto the squad but is told that she could potentially be Cheerleading captain. As the practices progress, Whittier realized what a terrible person the current captain is and quits to make a statement; however then she doesn't know what to do now that she's not in cheerleading. She is then struck with a brilliant idea - to make another cheerleading squad that uses all the rejects on campus. The unfortunate souls who got their funding for their club cut and can now no longer have the club. The end of the movie come down to a showdown between the two cheerleading squads, competing for who gets to represent the school at Nationals.

I've never been a cheerleader. I've never held any interest in cheerleading, in fact I sorta made fun of them in high school [They were never very nice to me in high school]. But for some reason, I love this movie. It's fun, quirky, upbeat. It lets me just enjoy something without having to think too hard.

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